about me

Hi, I'm Flora. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've been knitting daily for about 12 years now. I started when I first became pregnant and I wanted to make an heirloom blanket for her. A year later, I started on a journey to design and to document my creative pursuit.

That journey has enabled me to participate in countless craft shows, to teach knitting classes, and to meet hundreds of new friends and artists along the way. In 2017, I decided to step away from knitting for production and get back to knitting for passion and just for myself.

I'm excited and completely open to where this space will take me. I hope to share my thoughts on my craft, present some new designs to the fiber world, and continue to chronicle my creative journey. I'm open to working with customers to create their dream cozy item, or with brands looking to collaborate. Drop me a line at flowerpot.designs@gmail.com to connect.