year of the sock

This year, I really wanted to learn how to start socks from the toe rather than the cuff. After-all, isn't learning something new what keeps us all creative? So last night, after watching a series of YouTube videos and reading up on various toe-up cast on methods; I started my first toe-up sock!

hello 2018

Don't spend energy worrying about the misses, but instead on the journey. Tell people about your goals because it makes them real and when others know what they are, they can also support you in making them happen. Here are my 2018 goals.

holiday hat round-up: 5 free hat patterns that I love

With less than 20 knitting days left until Christmas, you might be like me, and wondering what quick pattern can I knit to check off my gift list with style.  I've rounded up five of my favourite hat patterns that you can finish before Christmas, and which also happen to be available online for free! 

good knits

I've been wanting to do this for a while now and I'm finally able to make it happen. I've opened my online shop with a limited selection of knits that will be available for sale with the proceeds going to local area charities. Giving back to my community is important to me and supporting charities that help children, especially girls, is very close to my heart.

teaching kids to knit

As a parent who knits daily, I get a lot of people assuming that my kids must be pretty good knitters too because they have the benefit of endless lessons with mom. Here are four of my best tips for helping kids through their first yarn projects.